Lower 40 Records

July 2009


Chris Unck takes over Atlanta

Posted on July 20, 2009

Releases sophomore album, music video, and revels in the glory of a spotlight Butch Walker review in Guitar Player Magazine.

“On the electric front, Unck and Capitanelli delivered great tones and tasteful parts, with Unck playing a Tele into an Vox AC15 as well as dreamy lap-steel textures.” Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine.


Atlanta: Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!!…..the name says it all. The second full length installment of tunes from Chris Unck and the Black Roses is aptly titled and is no doubt a ridiculous sonic journey through another chapter of Unck’s life. Once again he showcases his exceptional ability to turn real life episodes into dramatic, revolutionary songs which surpass his previous release Country Roads and Love. The new album, primarily written as Unck was sidelined by the flu, reflects the beauty of life from a very different perspective and set of surroundings. From visits by “demons” to a new love for a hummingbird to a reminiscent jam about a lost love, Unck visits ghosts of his past, present, and future. Known to many as the modern day troubadour, traveling from place to place, sharing his ideas, songs, and soul, Unck has outdone himself once more with this record. As he channels the spirit of his influences like Jeff Tweedy and Joe Cocker, he pays homage to George Harrison and the Beatles. This is what modern music in America is all about. It is ridiculous ridiculous!!

In support of the album and the first single, Chris Unck, Lower 40 records and Reelmind Studios are proud to present the music video for Turning Knives Into Steam.

Unck keeps himself busy in various facets of the music business. His current gig as the right hand man of Butch Walker playing rhythm guitar, lap-steel, and percussion keeps him on the road and in the studio large portions of the year. His day job as a producer fills in the gaps and has also allowed him to take on the task of producing Walker’s live DVD, Leaving the Game on Luckie Street. Although most of Uncks’ time is spent on other people’s music, his heart truly belongs to his own music and putting the stories of his life to music for the world to hear.

While on tour with Butch Walker, Chris has received rave reviews on his lap-steel techniques. Read the full Guitar Player Magazine review HERE.

Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!! is Chris Unck’s second album released on Lower 40 Records.


Wrinkle Neck Mules’ new album, Let the Lead Fly to be released Sept. 22

Posted on July 1, 2009


The long awaited fourth full-length album by the Wrinkle Neck Mules is set to be released on September 22, 2009 by Atlanta record label, Lower 40 Records. Let the Lead Fly (as in bullets) is to be their second record released on Lower 40.  The Mules – who have developed a cult-like niche in pockets around the globe- have self produced, engineered and recorded this effort.

German based record label Blue Rose Records will also be releasing the record on September 22 throughout Europe.  This will mark The Mules’ second international release.

Let the Lead Fly takes to highlighting banjos, mandolins, mountain harmony and pedal steel guitar. This is certainly nothing new for the band who admits to being a rock band with country bones and bluegrass skin.  This Frankenstein is evident from the get-go with a fiddle and banjo sing-along title track, the high school lament “Howard Johnson” and the twisted classic country of “Waters All Run Dry”.

Let the Lead Fly will be available on all popular digital record stores and independent record stores near you.