Lower 40 Records

February 2010


News of the week…

Its been a while…we know.  We know.  Loads have been happening, we assure you.  Hence our lack of communication.   But we bring you news of things wonderful and exciting from the ATL.

If you haven’t heard, Butch Walker and the Black Widows are gearing up for the road.  And our dear Chris Unck will be reprising his role as a Black Widow.  Showing off his auxiliary skills on lap steel, tambourine, rhythm guitar, and whatever else he digs up.  We will be in Athens with the band, loving every minute of it.

New Wrinkle Neck Mules videos seem to be popping up left and right from their shows in NC and VA.  Thank you to all of you for sending them out.  We have laughed, cried, and jammed while watching them.  We will post more of those soon.

And for all of you that are waiting, patiently, for this new Night Driving record, you bet your sweet a*# that its going to rock your world.  We will be posting artwork soon.  The album will be out on April 20.  So mark your calendar.  And get ready, Atlanta, for a cd release show that will not soon be forgotten.  Until then, enjoy this picture from a recent photo shoot with the wonderful Dave Batterman.  More will be arriving soon!!!!!!  Or you can just check them out at Batterman Photography.  Good stuff kids.

Bringing you up to speed!

So in all of the hustle and bustle of 2010, we haven’t posted any news for you cats since the 15th.  Tragic.  Its now February.  Unacceptable.  We are about to pile a few weeks of gems into one post.  Get ready.

First off, thank you to all of the people we have met, drank beer with, laughed with, rocked out with, and kicked it at the merch tables with over the past few weeks.  You guys have been out in full force for all the shows that have happened.  From the Mules in NC/VA, to Unck at the Earl to Night Driving at the 529 and also back over at the Earl, to Unck solo over at the Star Bar,  we have enjoyed it.  Good times.

Chris Unck is prepping for his next go ’round with Butch Walker as one of his Black Widows.  He will reprise his role as auxiliary player for Butch as they hit the road starting in March.  Unck will also be in the studio next week here in Atlanta working on his next record.  He claims to be feeling a lot of T. Rex these days…..we will have a full report for you soon.

Night Driving has wrapped up their latest album and we are in the trenches with artwork as we speak.  The album will be self-titled and out in stores and online on April 20.  Our good friend Travis did an amazing job creating painting that will serve as the focus of the artwork.  You should check out his stuff.  Bad ass.

Night Driving will also be over at Kavarna tomorrow night, Feb. 3 to do a little somethin’ somethin’ with Jeremy Ezell.  We will be there sippin’ an Americano so come on over.  These coffeehouse shows are different than the usual shows.  Totally different atmosphere.  Head over to Oakhurst and chill with us.

We think that catches you guys up.  There is more going on for sure, but for now, this should tide you over.  And check out the Mules doing a little “Waters Run Dry” on WNRN Acoustic Sunrise.  Nice.