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News of the week…

Its been a while…we know.  We know.  Loads have been happening, we assure you.  Hence our lack of communication.   But we bring you news of things wonderful and exciting from the ATL.

If you haven’t heard, Butch Walker and the Black Widows are gearing up for the road.  And our dear Chris Unck will be reprising his role as a Black Widow.  Showing off his auxiliary skills on lap steel, tambourine, rhythm guitar, and whatever else he digs up.  We will be in Athens with the band, loving every minute of it.

New Wrinkle Neck Mules videos seem to be popping up left and right from their shows in NC and VA.  Thank you to all of you for sending them out.  We have laughed, cried, and jammed while watching them.  We will post more of those soon.

And for all of you that are waiting, patiently, for this new Night Driving record, you bet your sweet a*# that its going to rock your world.  We will be posting artwork soon.  The album will be out on April 20.  So mark your calendar.  And get ready, Atlanta, for a cd release show that will not soon be forgotten.  Until then, enjoy this picture from a recent photo shoot with the wonderful Dave Batterman.  More will be arriving soon!!!!!!  Or you can just check them out at Batterman Photography.  Good stuff kids.


Unck Tour Video, Pt. 1

Chris Unck and the Black Roses took a little jaunt through New England last month for what would be some pretty memorable shows.  Along the way, the captured some footage of their downtime as well as the shows.  Unck spent spent some time putting together this video.  Part 2 should arrive soon.  We’ll keep you posted.  But until then, check out Unck and the boys doing some sweet dance moves, some insane spinning moves on a chair, and Unck bashing his skull into a kitchen cabinet after too much spinning.  This is quality stuff people!



On The Verge…

While on tour, Chris Unck and the Black Roses made a stop over at Angels and Kings for an acoustic night.  Planet Verge sponsored the event and have posted some rad footage of the performance and an interview is to come.   And be sure to check out the Unck/Frobros acoustic duet in the last video.  Good stuff people.  And thanks to the girls at Planet Verge!!  They are fantastic!!!  Click on the pic and give it a watch/listen.



Chris Unck and the Black Roses hit the road…


next stop, Philly.  Everyone is excited about the boys very own Thanksgiving jaunt up to NYC and back.   Check out the dates below.  This should be a killer little extravaganza, so if you are in the area or feel like a road trip, head on out.

11/20:  Philadelphia, PA @ Lickety Split

11/21:  New Haven, CT @ Anna Liffey’s

11/22:  Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY @ The Trash Bar

11/23:  New York City, NY @ Angels and Kings

11/24:  Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory

Go hear Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!! live people.   Let us know how it sounds.  We know it will be good.


Your weekly dose of news…

As always, were are excited to let you know what’s going on over here.  And its good.  Really good.

Lead_Fly_CD-1First of all, Let the Lead Fly…we know.  You are ready for it.  Trust us, we know.  And it will be in your hands and ears soon!  You will be able to order discs from our website, the bands website, and in the digital format beginning October 20.  You will be able to snag it in stores nationwide soon after that.  If you want to get it from your local independent store and they don’t have it in stock yet, ask them to order it.  This record is going to make the fall season even more beautiful.  Its perfect for driving through the mountains (we have already tried it out for you).  The Mules have outdone themselves.  New merch is on the way as well.  Stay tuned….


Second,  Chris Unck and the Black Roses are playing a few shows before Unck heads off to California with Butch Walker and assumes his role as a Black Widow.   If you are in Atlanta for Halloween weekend, as the staff will be, join us over at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points for an amazing Halloween Eve show.  Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Whiskey Gentry, and Unck & the Black Roses all on one bill.   If you don’t get rowdy with all of that going on, well you might be dead.  Check your pulse.  More info at www.starbar.net.

Night Driving_OWL_FINAL

Third, Night Driving is playing over at the Atlanta Brewing Company’s Songwriters Night on Wednesday, October 14th.  This will be a special  night with an acoustic duo style set, so come on out.    Their set is at 7:20pm.  Hopefully we will have full details of the evening soon.  We will definitely pass them on if and when that happens.  Otherwise, we will see you over there around 7pm.  That’s the plan as of now.


Chris Unck @ Smith’s Olde Bar–Oct. 2nd!


FYI folks,

Chris Unck and his ever more mysterious Black Roses will be throwing down at Smith’s Olde Bar on October 2nd.   Oldstar and Corb Lund (cd release show) will be playing as well.  Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.  So get them before and save yourself that $3.  You can buy a PBR with that!  Doors @ 8pm and its an early show.  So don’t miss it.

The Weekly Skinny

There has been a lot of activity over at the Lower 40 camp lately.  From new releases to shows to shot guns shells, we have had a lot to do and talk about.

Thanks to everyone who has been out to see Night Driving and Chris Unck own the stages around Atlanta.  Night Driving was stoked to play the East Atlanta Strut this past weekend, but alas, the set didn’t happen.  The rain was coming down in buckets and to keep the band from being shocked by playing in standing water, they did not go on.  Hopefully next year will be a bit drier!!!

We just added a date for Chris Unck and the Black Roses over at Smith’s Olde Bar on October 2.  He will be opening for Corb Lund at their cd release show upstairs.  More info over at www.smithsoldebar.com.  Also to come, Unck & the Black Roses will be playing at the Star Bar in Little 5.  More details on that show soon.

We finally have the new Wrinkle Neck Mules album FINISHED!!!!  We should have copies in hand in the next few weeks and we are so elated about what we are giving to you guys.  This thing is sonically strong and visually intriguing.  There may or may not be shotgun lead involved…..we know you are dying to know what that is about.   Stay tuned.  Let the Lead Fly will be in stores and available online on October 20.

Don’t forget the Poster Sale!!  Buy any 3 for only $15 and that includes the lovely shipping.  Hit up the store for all the choices.   And if you haven’t downloaded Ridiculuous!! Ridiculous!! from Chris Unck and the Black Roses do that too.  Your ears and eyes will be very happy you did both.

Ridiculous!! Ridiculous-ness!!

The fine folks over at PopWreckoning.com took some time to check out the new Chris Unck and the Black Roses record. You can read the entire review here and watch the video for “Turning Knives Into Steam”. Here’s a sweet quote from the review…

this collection of folky southern rock has a twang and a swagger running through it that will melt the heart of any true southern girl while maintaining enough of a rock edge so as not to scare off those anti-country rock fans. This record deviates from debut record Country Roads and Love, which was much more mellow, but it’s definitely a change for the better.”

And if you haven’t gotten it yet, you see what your missin’ out on.


Another week of Atlanta shows!!

Amazingly enough, the fine city of Atlanta is being blessed with not only one, but two most excellent Lower 40 shows this week.  Details below.  And we expect to see you out in your favorite light sweater since its a going to be a bit chilly.

First up,  Chris Unck and the Black Roses will be gracing the upstairs stage at Smith’s Olde Bar on Thursday, September 3.  The show is only $5 so you have no excuses folks.  Unck & the Roses are the headlining.  Doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8pm.  And if you haven’t downloaded Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!! , you are missing out.  Head over to Itunes and get your download on for crying out loud.

And after you blow Thursday out of the water with Unck and the boys, you can rest a bit before hitting the Earl on Sunday.  Night Driving in Small Towns will be opening for Fruit Bats at 8pm on the 6th.  The next day is Labor Day so you will have the freedom to kick up your heals a bit and get the holiday started right.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 day of the show.  Get more info at www.badearl.com

Don’t forget about the poster sale!  You can snag the Fruit Bats/Night Driving poster to remember the show.  Any three posters from the store only $15 which includes shipping and handling.   The nifty poster tube will protect those babies as they travel to your home.  Visit the store and pick up any three posters you wish.


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