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The Mules and a Gecko…

If you haven’t heard, Geico has put their famous gecko on a tour around America.  As luck would have it, he found himself in Texas where he does a little line dancing to the new Wrinkle Neck Mules song, “Central Daylight Time”.  If you haven’t seen the commercial, we’ve uploaded it here.  The track will be released as a single soon and will definitely be included on the new album due out in February 2012.  More details to come on the album and such so, stay tuned.




Meet Stephen Simmons

Posted on April 25, 2011

Stephen Simmons hails from Woodbury, a small town in central Tennessee that’s known for Sunday socials, tent revivals and palm readings. After ten years in Nashville, Simmons is, in many ways, still that Church of Christ kid––humble, good-natured, but more than a little dark––as a songwriter and a road dog, his revelations are as exhilarating as a Tilt-a-Whirl. On his new record, The Big Show, Simmons combines his trademark insight and dark imagery with the wry humor and irony of a gifted songwriter who’s been around the block and seen more than his share of the true human psyche.

When asked about this body of work, Simmons said that this record was about more than just the life of an entertainer on the road.  “Ninety percent of the time I feel more of a kinship with a truck driver than Dylan or Springsteen.  People mainly see us in that brief window when were on stage and the lights are up, but most of the time were changing clothes in a gas station bathroom, killing time in a hotel or just driving. To me, the idea of a BIG SHOW is much more than that.  It’s also an analogy of our lives here on this World.”

Joining Stephen Simmons on The Big Show is his longtime producer and ringmaster Eric Fritsch (Sheryl Crow, Scott Miller), who also plays guitar and Hammond organ on some tracks. Simmons and Fritsch matched a renowned crew of musicians with songs best suited to each individual’s playing style. Other tracks feature Simmons alone, accompanied only by a beat-up Guild acoustic guitar and a harmonica.

The Big Show is Simmons’s sixth record. His previous works (Last CallDrink Ring JesusSomething In BetweenThe Blame’s On U.S. and Girls) have found him compared to the likes of Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, John Prine and Tom Petty. The Big Show also owes a debt to that songwriting pantheon, but also includes influences as diverse as Van Morrison, Tom Waits and the acclaimed HBO series Carnivàle. Above all, The Big Show is an event––a showcase for a seasoned singer-songwriter who’s got stories, insights and melodies that are unique yet available to all. Step right up.


Show at Goat Farm on Saturday, Nov. 6!

This weekend we will be converging on the lovely land at the Goat Farm.  If you have never enjoyed the beauty of the Goat Farm, you are missing out.  On Saturday, the Barrocco Festival will be bringing you some of the best local music you can find.  Doors open at 5 and  music starts at 6pm.  The weather should be perfect so what more could you ask for on a brisk fall day in November.  And did we mention that it is FREE!!!!  Yes, free.  Tell all your friends and come on over for a good time. Details below.

Zombie Dance Party aka Night Driving CD release show!!!

Posted on May 10, 2010

It doesn’t get any better than this folks!!  Night Driving’s new album, Serial Killer, is here and what better way is there to celebrate than a Zombie Dance Party.  We knew you would agree.  Night Driving along with Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun plus Oryx and Crake will be owning the stage for the evening.  But before the music starts, things will be getting spooky with Shane Morton, aka Professor Morte from the Silver Scream Spookshow.  That’s right!  Shane will be at the ballroom from 7-9pm with a fresh pint of fake blood, ready to do the most ridiculous zombie makeup you will ever see.  In order to capture all of this zombie-liciousness, we are bringing in the mad photographing talents of Dave Batterman.  Batterman will be taking zombie portraits for one and all!  So not only can you look amazing, you can remember the evening forever.

We’ll have zombie movies showing throughout the ballroom, zombie paintings for purchase, and freebies!  Yes, you heard us correctly, freebies.  With paid admission of a mere $8, you get a copy of the new Night Driving album AND if you RSVP for the event, you’ll get yet ANOTHER sweet treat!  Click here to RSVP and make sure you get that extra little somethin’ somethin’.

Nights like this don’t come along very often.  Make sure you mark the calendar for May 21st at the Highland Inn.  Get there at 7pm to get your make up done and have a drink.  Music starts at 8:30 and we promise, you will be glad that you came!!  Zombies dancing+ Night Driving= One Hell of a Night!!!!!  See ya there!!!

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